Born: 1980

Based: Boerne, TX

Dream Destination: I have always wanted to spend time in Ireland – hiking an area known as Cronin’s Yard. Although I often dream of a beach vacation to Maldives (South Asian Island)!

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Hands down, God and my kids! My passion for things I love to do and the ability to do them are all gifts. God has blessed me with amazing children and I love raising them to appreciate nature and the beauty of all things.

What means ‘adventure’ to you?

Adventure is all the wild stuff that happens throughout any given day. It can found in your own backyard just as easily as it can found while climbing mountains or traveling across the globe. Adventure is found in the journey of life, it’s not just present in the grandiose things but in the little things as well. You just have to be willing to see it! Adventure is a choice.

Best experience while adventuring:

Every sunrise and sunset viewed from a mountain top or a coast line has been the best. Oh, and the time an Osprey swooped down in front of me and picked up a cottontail then circled back around to show me his catch – little bunny looked terrified, but is was awesome to see nature’s untamed beauty. Then there was also the time my camp was invaded by a bear at night… (that one may not qualify as the “best”, but it was certainly the most memorable).

Plans for the future:

Retire and live on Maldives!!! After visiting Ireland, of course.


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